Kevin Spacey House Is Being Auctioned Due to Debt from Legal Bills

Kelly Behun

Kevin Spacey House

Actor Kevin Spacey is facing a new challenge after years of sexual assault allegations. In a recent interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” an emotional Spacey revealed Kevin Spacey House Baltimore is being auctioned due to mounting legal bills. The financial strain comes after the two-time Oscar winner was found not guilty in a London sexual assault trial, but still faces civil lawsuits. If you are looking for Kenny Pickett House auction read our article.

Kevin Spacey:

Kevin Spacey Fowler born July 26, 1959. Kevin Spacey is an American actor with a Accomplished career, though overshadowed by controversy in recent years. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Acclaimed Actor: Known for his work on stage and screen, he’s won two Academy Awards, a Tony Award.
  • Notable Roles: He’s starred in films like “The Usual Suspects” (1995), “American Beauty” (1999), and the Netflix series “House of Cards“.
  • Sexual Assault Allegations: In 2017, multiple allegations of sexual assault were made against Spacey. These allegations significantly impacted his career.

Kevin Spacey House:

Actor Kevin Spacey disclosed that he is millions of dollars in debt, unable to pay his bills, and is moving his belongings into storage in preparation for the auction of his waterfront Baltimore home on Thursday.

In an interview published Tuesday with British broadcaster Piers Morgan, Spacey broke down in tears while discussing the auction oh house and his financial struggles.

“This week, my home in Baltimore is being foreclosed and sold at auction,” Spacey said. “I’m not sure where I’m going to live now.”

He purchased this house in 2017. For the past seven years, Spacey has resided in a $5.65 million mansion, touted as “Baltimore’s most extraordinary home.” This unique 9,000-square-foot house is situated on a pier in the Inner Harbor. The actor moved there during the filming of the hit Netflix series “House of Cards.”


In conclusion, Kevin Spacey, an actor with a once-celebrated career, continues to face significant personal and financial challenges stemming from years of sexual assault allegations. Despite being found not guilty in a London sexual assault trial, the legal battles have left him with immense financial strain, leading to the auction of Kevin Spacey House prized Baltimore. This development underscores the severe impact that the allegations and ensuing legal proceedings have had on Spacey’s life, both professionally and personally. As Spacey confronts this new reality, his situation serves as a poignant reminder of how swiftly and profoundly one’s circumstances can change.

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